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1 10' X 10' Booth

Price: $1,150.00
Item Number: EXB1

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It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to read these terms, which are incorporated in the Exhibitor Registration contract completely

This Contract must accompany the Exhibitor Registration to complete Registration


For and in consideration of these presents, and for being granted permission to become an exhibitor (“Exhibitor”) at the 2017 PIA Symposium, and for other good and valuable consideration exchanged between the parties, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I, Exhibitor, hereby agree with Parachute Industry Association to the following:

1.      Exhibit space(s) will be allocated based on the preference indicated by the applicant whenever possible. The PIA reserves the right to change the allocated space(s) if deemed necessary; the decision of the PIA Symposium Chair or designee will be final.


2.      Early breakdowns and/or early closing are prohibited. All Exhibitors will open their exhibit space(s) promptly at the time scheduled for each opening. Exhibit space(s) will remain open and manned for the duration of all exhibit hours. Exhibitor’s booth(s) may not be dismantled or products and racks removed from the hall prior to the published exhibit closing time and date. Exhibitors breaking down any part of their booth(s) or leaving prior to the established time will be subject to the loss of registration priority for the next PIA Symposium. In case of hardship requiring early closing, an exception may be granted if the request is received in writing, and if a majority of the Symposium Committee approves. The move must be made during non-show hours.


3.      No Exhibitor shall display another member’s or exhibitor’s product without the express written authorization of the other member or exhibitor.   No Exhibitor shall display another member’s or exhibitor’s product for the purpose of supporting negative statements made about the other member’s or exhibitor’s product,


4.      Booth(s) backgrounds should not cut off, obstruct or otherwise interfere with the adjacent Exhibitor’s booth(s). The side rails of the booth(s) are thirty-six inches high. No exhibit shall exceed these dimensions. The PIA reserves the right to restrict any exhibit that might be considered undesirable. This restriction includes articles, conduct, dress of live models, printed matter, or anything considered objectionable to the exhibit area as a whole. All exhibits will be manned at the discretion of the Exhibitor. 

5.      There shall be no alcoholic beverages served during exhibition hours by the Exhibitors in the exhibit area. The host venue must be contacted for alcohol service.

6.      Should the premises in which the Symposium is scheduled to be held, in the opinion of the PIA be considered unfit for occupancy, or should the Symposium be materially interfered with by reason of strike, picketing, boycott, embargo injunction, or in the event of an emergency declared by a governmental agency, or any action of Municipal, State, or Federal Government, or any other act beyond the control of the PIA, this agreement may be terminated by the PIA without incurring any liability for damages sustained by the Exhibitor. In the event of such termination, Exhibitor expressly waives such liability and releases the PIA of and from all claims for damages. The PIA will refund to Exhibitor said Exhibitor’s pro-rated share of the amount received from all exhibit fees, after deduction of all costs and expenses to the PIA, resulting from such occurrence.

7.      Booth(s) sharing is not allowed. This means that only the registered Exhibitor shall exhibit in their registered booth(s).

8.      The Exhibitor covenants and agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Parachute Industry Association from any and all liability, damage or expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of or connected with an injury to person(s) or loss or damage to property, resulting directly or indirectly, from any act or omission of Exhibitor, or failure of Exhibitor to comply with any of the terms of any or all of PIA Symposium  agreements in effect with regard to the 2017 PIA Symposium, or any ordinances of the city, county, or state under which jurisdiction the event falls. PIA shall not be responsible for any missing or lost articles within any of PIA’s meeting and exhibit space at the PIA Symposium, or elsewhere.

9.      Full refunds for cancellations will be granted up until one month prior to the Symposium. After this date, a cancellation fee of 50% per booth(s) will apply. No refunds shall be given for cancellations made 15 days or less prior to Symposium.


10.   Prior written consent from the Symposium Committee is required for the use of the PIA logo and/or the PIA Symposium logo.


11.   Exhibitors shall maintain their exhibits and their personal conduct during the 2017 Symposium in accordance with the standards set by the PIA. Whether or not Exhibitor is a PIA member, each Exhibitor and its associated personnel shall adhere to the PIA Code of Ethics and the PIA Bylaws located on the PIA website under ‘The Organization.”  Canvassing or distributing advertising materials outside the Exhibitor’s own space(s) is not permitted, except in areas designated by the Symposium Committee.   Contests are permitted, subject to prior written approval of the Symposium Committee.  There shall be no soliciting of business in the hallways, doorways, aisles or outside of designated exhibit areas. No person employed or contracted for the purpose of selling shall contact retailers in the exhibition area unless he/she has an exhibit booth(s) in the designated exhibit area. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that all personnel in their exhibit space(s) are familiar with and adhere to all applicable rules and regulations. Anyone violating any provision(s) of this Exhibitor Contract may be asked to leave the Symposium without any refund of costs or fees paid and/or may be excluded from participation in future Symposia and/or other PIA organized events.

12.   Only ADA approved service animals will be allowed into the exhibition hall.

13.   Noise Levels: If you are playing music or videos, please be considerate of neighboring booths. Consider 70 decibels

to be maximum allowed