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It is the responsibility of the Speaker to read this Agreement completely, to understand it,

and to agree to fully comply with its terms, if selected to be a speaker at 2017 Symposium.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a 2017 Symposium Speaker. The Parachute Industry Association appreciates your willingness to share your knowledge.  We will do everything possible to support you and to ensure your presentation is a success.  Please review the Speaker Agreement (“Agreement”).  You must agree to these terms to be considered as a speaker, or to speak at Symposium.  If you are selected to be a speaker you will receive complementary Full Registration. And again, thank you for your interest in becoming a speaker at 2017 Symposium.


The 2017 Symposium will have a tight schedule, and your full compliance with this Agreement is necessary. After reading this Agreement, please sign and submit it with the Speaker Registration form enclosed.  If accepted as a speaker, a hard copy and a digital copy of your presentation including any handout material must also be submitted by 18 November 2016.  This material must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format and any images must be in JPEG format. This material will be included in our Symposium CD/Flash Drive that will be made available to registered individuals attending the Symposium. It is important to note that if your material is not formatted as required it may not be included in the Symposium CD/Flash Drive and therefore it will be your own responsibility to distribute it.




For and in consideration of these presents and in further consideration of being permitted to speak at 2017 Symposium and for good and other valuable consideration exchanged between the parties, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby agree to the following terms:


Company letterhead will be allowed for the first page only. Company/Product advertising material will not be included in the Symposium CD/Flash Drive.


Your presentations must begin on time and must finish within the time allotted as a courtesy to the next speaker. They may need time to prepare just as you may have needed.  The time allotted between Seminars to allow speakers to prepare is 15 minutes.


Any equipment required for your Seminar such as notebook computers, sewing machines, etc. is your own responsibility to supply. Projectors and microphones will be available.


A Room Monitor will be present for each seminar. This person is not there to operate your projectors, computers, cameras, etc. You must provide your own support for such functions.  The Room Monitor will give you a 15 minute call coming toward the end of your seminar. The Room Monitor will present each attendant with an evaluation sheet. This evaluation sheet is used to monitor the effectiveness of each speaker.  You must advise everybody in your seminar to collect and complete one of these evaluation forms. It is important to acquaint yourself with the room Monitor and both must work together. Room Monitors will be at the Speakers meeting.


The dress code for speakers and their associates is business casual. No jeans, shorts, clothing with holes, t-shirts etc. A suit and tie are always appropriate if giving a lecture. If you will be packing or using the floor, jeans and a collared shirt are acceptable.


There will be a mandatory speakers meeting.  The meeting room and time will be announced to you when you receive notification that you have been selected as a speaker. If you do not attend your slot may be forfeited to another speaker on the waiting list.


It cannot be emphasized enough that your seminar IS NOT a medium for selling or advertising your company/products, nor is it a stage to allow you to speak negatively about other manufacturers or other professionals in our industry. This is not the place for personal agendas.  No speaker shall speak negatively about other manufacturers or other professionals in the parachuting industry, or any of their products.  No Speaker shall display another PIA member’s or Symposium exhibitor’s product for the purpose of supporting negative statements made about the other member’s or exhibitor’s product.


Whether PIA members or not, all speakers shall comply with all provisions of the PIA Code of Ethics and the PIA Bylaws, which may be found on the PIA website under ‘The Organization’.  If it is determined that a Speaker has failed to adhere to each of the provisions of this Agreement, sanctions may be imposed, including but not limited to a temporary or permanent ban on future speaking engagements at PIA events, ejection from the present Symposium without refund of any fees and costs paid, and exclusion from participation in future Symposia and/or other PIA organized events.